2012 SO FAR !!

June 2012 – Welcome to the High Edge website, I hope you all enjoy looking at it. A big thank you must go to my good friend, Nigel aka Mr Frostbite for all his help and support to get it up and running.

We are very nearly half way through 2012 – the New Year dawned with considerably warmer temperatures than the previous one, when we were still in the grip of snow and sub-zero temperatures.

The house was a little crowded with Helen and Jack living here and my Mum staying due to having her knee replaced a week before Christmas. However, we all survived and Mum returned to her home in Worcestershire early in February.

The next 2 months seemed to drag by as we eagerly awaited the arrival of Polo’s 1st lambs. Lambing was 3 weeks later this year due to our holiday in Kenya, in the autumn. The end of March saw record temperatures and we were beginning to think that we were in for a hot dry spring for the 2nd year running, but mother nature soon changed our minds about that. Like much of the north and midlands, we suffered 12 hours of heavy wet snow, blown in on a north easterly wind. As we sit on top of a hill, and with the direction of the wind, there was very little shelter for the sheep apart from their arks. We eventually managed to get everything under cover and the 1st ewe to lamb was told to ‘cross her legs’!


The build up to lambing was marred by the death of Teddy, one of my original ewes. She  was found dead in the field, probably due to a twisted bowel or bloat, 2 weeks off lambing and she was carrying twins.

Easter was a busy time, Helen and Jack moved into their own home. Mum was back for a visit and she was rapidly deployed to do some decorating for Helen and Jack. She desperately wanted to see some lambs born and her wish was granted when on Easter Monday, Blackie produced a lovely ram and ewe lamb, Senna and Serendipity, who are pictured at the top of the page. Five days later they were joined by Patch’s twins, Summer and Schumacher (Schuie).

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