Mum is always writing about those pesky sheep and I thought it was high time we got in on the act……

My name is Sky and as far as I am concerned I am the boss around here, I keep everyone in order and stop any intruders from getting anywhere near the place by barking at everything!!! Mum frequently tells me to shut up, but I don’t take any notice, unless she shouts and then she is very scary!!! I have to be honest though and admit that I am pretty much scared of most things. Mum says I am neurotic, whatever that means, but I am just a ‘sensitive soul’.


I don’t get to work the sheep very often because Mum accuses me of not listening. I can’t see the point of this getting round the back of them and bringing them steadily¬†down to her. I work on the principle of, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and you need to get there and back as quickly as possible. I get the job done, Mum is usually red in the face from all that shouting, but I have had fun and the sheep are where I want them!

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