Mum is always writing about those pesky sheep and I thought it was high time we got in on the act……

My name is Sky and as far as I am concerned I am the boss around here, I keep everyone in order and stop any intruders from getting anywhere near the place by barking at everything!!! Mum frequently tells me to shut up, but I don’t take any notice, unless she shouts and then she is very scary!!! I have to be honest though and admit that I am pretty much scared of most things. Mum says I am neurotic, whatever that means, but I am just a ‘sensitive soul’.


I don’t get to work the sheep very often because Mum accuses me of not listening. I can’t see the point of this getting round the back of them and bringing them steadily down to her. I work on the principle of, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and you need to get there and back as quickly as possible. I get the job done, Mum is usually red in the face from all that shouting, but I have had fun and the sheep are where I want them!

Anyway, on to the others. There are two other resident collies here – Moss, who is now an old man and often grumpy, but that might have something to do with me teasing him. He still has a go at working the sheep, but I really don’t get this creeping slowly towards them lark! He can’t see them very well unless they move anyway, which they don’t and he can’t hear Mum shouting at him because he’s deaf. That’s the trick I keep playing, but Mum says it isn’t true!


Then there is the young upstart, Fiyah. I get on really well with her even when she says she is Mum’s favourite  I have tried to teach her all I know, but she doesn’t really get the hang of keeping away all those intruders and leaves it all to me! I have to admit she is pretty good at moving those pesky sheep though. She runs out around the field and gets behind them, just like on the telly! She even does it with Mum blowing a whistle and not shouting, but then her Dad was English National Champion. Apparently, she is going to run in the Nursery Trials this winter, which Mum and our trainer John is very pleased about. I have to say, as long as Mum takes me as well, I don’t mind. I am really quite proud of her and will be quietly cheering her on from the car, on Sunday.

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