Fleeces/Yarn and Finished Products

The coloured ryeland has a fine-woolled fleece which is very suitable for hand-spinning, weaving or peg looming, but resists felting. The fleece has a natural crimp and generally weighs 2.5-3kg, staple length is 6-10cm, Bradford count 56’s-58’s. It naturally occurs in shades of white, grey, brown, black and all shades and variations in-between.

I have my sheep professionally sheared by Philip Fisher, ‘The Singing Shearer’.

The fleece is well skirted, but is otherwise in its natural state

I currently have fleeces for sale from the 2018 clip, available as a whole or I am prepared to split into smaller quantities. NOW ALL SOLD

Please contact me for further information and details of your requirements.


Yarn for sale

Grey coloured ryeland yarn, handspun c.50 grams

£6 plus p&p

9 available

2 thoughts on “Fleeces/Yarn and Finished Products

  1. Hello, I am interested in your fleeces, after reading on ravelry how wonderful they are. Do you have any for sale currently? I would love a gray one, but would also be interested in other colors. Also, do you have pictures and information about crimp, staple length, ect? Thank you, Amy

    • Hi Amy,

      Thank you for your interest. the sheep are actually being sheared tomorrow. My sheep vary in colour from relatively solid dark brown through to beige, often with significant variation within the same fleece. Staple length is 5-8cm and 30-32 microns with plenty of crimp, average weight of a whole fleece is 2.5kg. Also, I will have some hebridean (3), badgerface (4) and badgerface x ryeland fleeces (6) available. I get some fleeces handspun, from the fleece, which gives a naturally variegated yarn.
      I might be able to post some photos tomorrow, of the fleeces, but due to be at Stafford Show on Wednesday so might run out of time. If you are happy to wait a few days, I should be able to get some on next weekend.



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